Original Stump Blower

5901 Big Tree Road,
Lakeville, NY 14480
PHONE: 585-346-7027

Monday - Wednesday: Closed
Thursday: 4pm-9pm
Friday - Saturday: 12pm-9pm
OPEN JULY: 3rd & 4th

Original Stump Blower is an upstate NY craft ciderworks, owned and operated by siblings Elise Barnard and Eric Smith. The Original Stump Blower name pays homage to their father and his late uncle. Back in the day they hidtheir homemade hard cider from Aunt Bobby in stumps. The phrase "let's go blow up some stumps" became code for backyard swilling because the cider was so strong it could blow up stumps. They make a variation of this cider in-house and think fond thoughts of Uncle Charlie every time they talk about it. They utilize New York apples, as well as other local ingredients to ferment tasty libations for locals and cider enthusiasts alike. In their gift shop, you will find goods that are printed by local companies and art made by talented people from the surrounding areas.