Inspire Moore Winery
197 Main Street
Naples, NY 14512
PHONE: (585) 374-5970

Inspire Moore seeks to embody the true characteristics of the vineyards in which the wine is developed and to express the true passion and artistry of the farmers who cultivate the flavors. Their business is all about sustainability. They're a boutique winery producing a few thousand cases a year, composed of aromatic varietal whites, vintage-driven varietal reds, ice wine and blends that are defined by small lot production. Their handcrafted wines come with a message: every wine stands for a characteristic we wish to “Inspire Moore” of in the world, whether that be Love, Wisdom, Grace, or many more!

Signature Events

For chill vibes, tasty food and refreshing wines, plan on attending Inspire Moore Vineyard & Winery’s annual B4 Festival in July. Held each year around the winery’s anniversary, this festival is all about Blaufrankisch, BBQ, and blues!

Signature Products

All Inspire Moore’s wines are named after feelings and emotions the winemaker wishes to “inspire more” of in the world. Look for the classic Riesling, “Love”; the Aussie style Noiret, “Inspiration”; and the Blaufrankisch Rosé, “Grace.”