JD Wine Cellars

1339 Eddy Road
Macedon, NY 14502
PHONE: (315) 986-4202

JD Wine Cellars, established in 2010, is located at Long Acre Farms in Macedon, NY, only 15 miles east of Rochester. The family-operated farm winery features handcrafted red, white and 100% fruit wines. Their mission is to provide an authentic and family-friendly experience where everyone can find a style of wine they enjoy. JD Wine Cellars is unique in that it is located at Long Acre Farms which is one of the oldest agritourism farms in New York State. In addition to the tasting room, guests can visit a farm market, ice cream shop and Back 40 activity area making it truly a very family friendly stop. They are pleased to say that we can provide fun for groups of all ages. Their motto is that you may come for the wine, but you’ll stay for the experience!

Signature Products

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