Raymor Estate Cellars

23263 Wheeler Station Road
Bloomfield, NY 14469
PHONE: (585) 233-9860

Located in the rolling hills near Bristol, New York, Raymor Estate Cellars brings you handcrafted wine and hard apple ciders produced from locally grown grapes and apples. They enjoy introducing customers to quality wines from lesser-known grape varietals that have been in existence for many years but aren’t often heard of or talked about. They started making our wine in the cellar, just for family 25 years ago. With guidance and encouragement from “old time winemakers” what started as a hobby is ready to be shared for your enjoyment.

Signature Events

You hear a lot about home brewers turned professional, but it’s harder to come by a home winemaker turned professional. That’s exactly how Raymor Estate Cellars got its start! Decades in the making, you can learn to make your own vintages here at wine making classes led by Raymor’s winemaker himself.

Signature Products

You can find wines of many different varieties and varietals at Raymor Estate Cellars. Look for classics like the Sunburst Riesling, or try one of the exciting types of hard apple cider made from blends of seven different apples – it tastes like no other cider.