Swiftwater Brewing Co

378 Mount Hope Avenue
Rochester, NY 14620
PHONE: (585)-530-3471

Swiftwater has become a place where the art of community and the science of brewing beer join together to create a lasting impression. That’s why they put the brewery equipment front and center, literally within arm’s reach. Their beer is never flavored, but crafted from real, natural ingredients, many of them grown right here in New York State. Every inch of the interior, including the 70-foot long bar, is highlighted with rich black walnut, milled from four felled trees, generously donated by Aurora Ridge Dairy. The entire building, inside and out, has the fingerprints of helping hands all over it. It’s impossible to tell their whole story in one page. They'd love to tell you all about it for as long as you’re willing to listen, and for as long as the taps stay on.

Signature Product

Swiftwater IPA