Are you searching for the perfect recipe to kick off your weekend? Each week, various trail members host talented local musicians, offering a delightful fusion of flavors and melodies. Whether you’re a craft beverage enthusiast, a music lover, or simply seeking a great time, join us as we explore the captivating combination of exceptional tunes and vibrant community atmosphere along the trail.

Heron Hill, Brats & Brews, Billsboro, Iron Smoke, and Casa Larga are just a few of the trail members that regularly feature talented local musicians. From the soothing tunes at Heron Hill to the lively atmosphere at Iron Smoke, each venue adds its unique touch to the vibrant music scene. Whether you’re a fan of acoustic solos, full band performance rock, or something in between, these recurring music events provide the perfect backdrop for an enjoyable night out with family and friends.

To ensure you never miss a beat, we encourage you to view and subscribe to the ROC/FLX Craft Beverage Trail events calendar. This centralized platform lists all the upcoming events, including the performers, dates, and venues, making it easy for you to plan your musical adventures. By subscribing to the calendar, you’ll stay informed about who’s playing, when they’re playing, and where they’re performing, allowing you to curate a personalized itinerary along the trail.

From sipping on exceptional craft beverages to savoring delectable food from food trucks, the calendar guides you to a fun-filled night out where great music, delightful company, and unforgettable memories await. So don’t miss out—subscribe today and let the ROC/FLX Craft Beverage Trail be your guide to a harmonious fusion of music, flavors, and community.